Climate lunatics plotting new effort to destroy the world economy in order to stop “climate change”

Leftist extremism continues to soar to new heights with the rise of Extinction Rebellion, an international group of far left activists who are now threatening to destroy the global economy to stop climate change. Over 1,100 demonstrators have been arrested in London after 10 days of protesting, obstructing traffic and blocking off access to key areas of the city.

Across the pond, Extinction Rebellion protestors recently gathered at Universal Studios. Some even glued themselves to the famous globe sculpture. Apparently, they were trying to call upon Universal/NBC to “take action” on climate change. How motion picture and TV networks are supposed to stop climate change, of course, is never explained. Outrage activism seems to be really popular on the Left; at this point liberals are known for rioting in the streets with no actual plans for change.

When activism becomes terrorism

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and now, Extinction Rebellion, have made a name for themselves by causing massive amounts of chaos for a single purpose: Uprooting society to make room for a new regime.

In a recent interview, an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson declared, “The only way we’ve realized the Government will listen to us is if we actually start to ruin the economy.”

And of course by “listen,” what these climate lunatics really mean is “acquiesce to our demands.” Extinction Rebellion’s list of demands not only neglects reality, it will open the door to total communism in the U.K.

To put it simply, these “activists” are now attempting to resort to hostage tactics in order to usher in a New World Order. Making a list of wholly unrealistic demands that require total subservience without having a single idea of how to implement meaningful change is not “activism.” It’s totalitarianism.

Extinction Rebellion lauds itself as a group focused on “calling attention to the sixth mass extinction” and fighting the “climate crisis.” On their website, the group declares it has just three demands for the United Kingdom:

  • Government must “tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency” and work with other organizations to promote this message.
  • Government must take action to “halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.”
  • Government “must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.”

Is it rebellion or propaganda?

First and foremost, climate science is far from settled. Natural News has reported on multiple instances of fraud within the field — everything from sea level data to surface temperature recordings have been faked at some point to better align with the global warming narrative. This is well-documented.

Secondly, even if greenhouse gasses were the sole cause of environmental damage (they are not), it would be virtually impossible to fully phase out fossil fuels and implement renewables in their place in just six years.

At least, it would be impossible without radical change as a society. That’s where the Citizen’s Assembly comes in.

As New Internationalist explains, achieving net-zero emissions by 2025 is possible — with radical social changes. Getting to zero carbon would ultimately require massive cuts to personal freedom and a huge uptick in government regulation. As reported:

Zero carbon would usher in a period of huge social change. Energy would be stringently rationed, dedicated to survival and essential activities; we’d go to bed early and rise with the sun. Expect massive disruption in the way food is grown, processed and distributed – more turnips, fewer mangoes on the menu in the U.K. for starters. Globally, there would be much-reduced private car use, virtually no aviation, haulage or shipping – spelling a dramatic end to material globalization as we know it.

This is where the Citizen’s Assembly comes in, to demand citizens give up their freedom for the “greater good.” And this is where it becomes clear that all this mayhem was never about the environment to begin with. It’s about creating a new world order, a new status quo under a leftist regime.

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