Lancet medical journal goes full AOC; declares “climate Armageddon” imminent unless fossil fuels are abolished

Climate fear-mongering continues to get more outlandish and insane as far-left alarmists struggle in masse to maintain their grip on reality. The Lancet, a once-respected scientific journal has just published a highly controversial review of David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming. The article, titled, “Climate Armageddon,” is pure propaganda, declaring that climate change is imminent and will be as catastrophic as nuclear war. The “article” goes on to name the infamous Green New Deal as our “glimmer of hope” for the future — a notion that couldn’t be more laughable.

Indeed, it appears that yet another publication has gone the way of AOC and drifted off into liberal la-la land, where facts are “anti-science” and the socialist agenda reigns supreme. Unsurprisingly, the Lancet‘s foray into scaremongering has been met with a bevy of criticism.

Scientific journal goes hard left

Writing for Breitbart, Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., describes the review by Lancet‘s Laurie Garrett as “nearly hysterical,” and says it “oozes praise” and “unrestrained adoration” for Wallace-Wells. But this, he says, is not the problem with the review. The real problem, Williams says, is “her own apocalyptic alarmism that goes beyond any scientific justification.”

Wallace-Wells’ book may present a grim outlook, but Garrett takes the global warming charade even further by likening climate change to an actual nuclear apocalypse. As Williams reports, Garrett draws parallels between The Uninhabitable Earth to Jonathan Schell’s 1982 “masterpiece” on nuclear war, The Fate of the Earth. Wallace-Wells himself compared climate change to nuclear war in his book, but Garrett feels he wasn’t strong enough in his comparisons.

“The parallels between nuclear weapons and devastation wrought by melting Greenland may, nevertheless, be tighter than Wallace-Wells acknowledges,” she writes.

Garrett also alleges that since 2017, “a number of record-breaking severe weather events, hastening melting of polar ice, rising sea temperatures, and the massive die-offs along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have raised the tone of urgency among climatologists and earth scientists.”

Pushing the agenda

Studies have shown that much of the climate science promoted by alarmists is based on lies and fraudulent data. Recently published research from a team of Australian scientists found that an organization responsible for monitoring sea level data was manually altering historic sea level data. These “highly questionable” activities gave the impression the sea level has been rising — but according to the investigators, sea levels were stable for the entire 20th century.

The infamous global warming “hockey stick” has also been proven to be based on fraudulent science. There are clear signs that global warming is nothing more than a political agenda, and not an environmental phenomena. And yet, climate alarmism continues to run rampant.

 Garrett goes on to claim that the climate apocalypse will cause at least half a million people to die from food shortages and “millions more could suffer lethal events due to everything from surges in mosquito populations to collapse of electrical power grids.”

But, Garrett believes there is still hope — even if Wallace-Wells doesn’t seem to think so.

“Missing from most efforts to date, and from this book, is faith in the green grassroots, the Greta Thunberg generation, Earth Day marchers, America’s Green New Deal debates, and the cumulative impact of billions of steps towards a new world,” she writes.

As Williams contends, the very fact that the Lancet has now promoted the Green New Deal as a planet-saving initiative shows how insidious the climate agenda has become. The Left is now willing to abandon reason and rationale entirely for the sake of promoting the climate change agenda.

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