How many people will have to DIE for AOC to complete her “Green New Deal?”

There is no shortage of scrutiny for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s controversial “Green New Deal.” Experts say the financial burden of AOC’s plan would send the United States spinning into economic ruin — but the cost of the Green New Deal may be even greater than the almighty dollar. Some pundits are now suggesting that the price of the plan put together by AOC may ultimately be paid in human life.

Writing for All News Pipeline, John C. Velisek alleges that the Green New Deal will take the United States “back to the Stone Age,” and will require “millions of lives” to be sacrificed — a sacrifice he posits the Left is more than willing to make. Climate change theory has been consistently called into question by independent science, but adherents to the global warming narrative continue to champion their cause, and all the tyranny they’re trying to shoe-horn in with it, as “necessary” for the good the planet. Many skeptics argue the global warming agenda is driven by fear — not facts — by design, and is a movement more entrenched in advancing government interests than protecting the environment.

A killer deal

It’s not a secret that a substantial number of experts have spoken out about the potential risks of AOC’s Green New Deal. As Bloomberg reports, while the Green New Deal may be billed as an environmental policy and jobs program, a closer look reveals a sordid truth: This “deal” also promises a bevvy of new entitlements, which AOC apparently intends to pay for with unlimited deficit spending.

If that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, it’s because it is.

While AOC may be spewing lies about climate change being a matter of “life and death,” Velisek argues that the Green New Deal really is that serious.

“As we see now with our Bartending climate ‘expert’, anyone can parrot the climate change lie. She and many like her are willing to sacrifice millions of people for the radical environmental agenda based on falsehoods and lies,” Velisek writes.

Climate change charade

Velisek is one of many pundits sharing their concerns about the real cost of the Green New Deal. Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore also recently spoke out about the pitfalls of AOC’s not-so-brilliant plan to upend the U.S. economy, stating it would be “the end of civilization” as we know it.

Speaking with Tucker Carlson at Fox News, Moore stated further:

“The Green New Deal will be the end of civilization if 85% of the world’s and 85% of the US coal, oil and natural gas were fazed out over the next few years, like the next ten years. We do not have anything to replace them with… Half of the population will die in a very short period of time. And as I also pointed out, there wouldn’t be a tree left on this planet… because that would be all there was to heat and cook.”

Mike Adams, founder of Natural News and creator of, also recently published an article detailing the ways in which AOC’s Green New Deal will set the stage for disaster. After conducting a thorough anaylsis, Adams posits that this killer “deal” would lead to total collapse of the food supply, and worse.

As a theory, climate change has more holes than Swiss cheese. Earlier this year, Natural News compiled a list of all the biggest “climate change” scandals, revealing dozens of climate alarmist myths that have been proven false.

Not only will the Green New Deal plunge the economy and the food supply into total chaos, it will allow the central government to begin growing its power and radically change the culture of the U.S. — shifting citizens even further away from personal freedom and liberty towards a culture of dependence.

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