DEATH WISH: “People like you should just die, motherf*cker” — “Go to Hell” – Skeptical climate book author Morano’s hate mail of the day

From email address: f##[email protected] (Sent April 25, 2018 to Marc Morano of Climate Depot & Author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change’)

(Article by Marc Morano republished from

Message: “If you can’t understand what climate change is and how it works, you’re either a very stupid fool or you get paid tons of money by those oil lobbies that are destroying our world. People like you should just die, motherfucker. Oh, anyone can hack your anti spam system for this shitty form. Go to hell.”

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano:

This is just the latest in a long history of threatening emails that I have received. My book, The politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change details many more:

Excerpt from book: (Read: Bonus chapter: Intimidating the ‘Deniers’ to Enforce the ‘Consensus’ – Climate ‘deniers’ threatened with being ‘thrown in jail’)

Hate Mail Bag: 

Here is a small sampling of the hate mail I have received in recent years:

“Let’s meet man to man and I’ll rip that stupid smile off your face.”

“If you have children, I hope beyond hopes that you must bury them, and that your grief will know no end.”

“You and your children should be burned in public.”

“Hi I just wanted to let you know what a goddamn stupid lying idiot you are. I really hope you are someday put on trial before a world tribunal on charges of ‘crimes against humanity.’ . . . .

You are an evil little fuck and you have your head so far up your ass, you can tickle your tonsils when you wiggle your ears. Fuck you, ‘moron-o.’”

“Thank you for being one of the biggest assholes on planet Earth and for helping to doom every living ecosystem. . .Go fuck yourself.”

“I will have a nice long drive up to DC and have a very short and unpleasant conversation with your ass if you dont [sic] stop harrassing [sic] scientists.”

“I hope they hang you and the rest of the stooges for the fossil fuel industry.”

Here is today’s hate mail – April 25, 2018:

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