SCIENCE WAKE-UP CALL: The “green” in all your green juices is made out of carbon dioxide

When it comes to scientific facts, we are reliant on what we are taught by people that we perceive to be “authorities” on the subject. And for a while now, the pervasive message about carbon dioxide (CO2) has been that it is a dirty pollutant responsible for man-made global warming. If levels of CO2 do not drop drastically and quickly, “experts” warn, global warming will do irreversible damage and essentially end life as we know it on our planet. Trustworthy looking people show us graphs and diagrams and shake their heads sadly at the impending doom. And we believe them, because that’s what we’ve been taught to do. In a world where fake news and fake science is pervasive, however, we can no longer trust what intelligent looking people with fantastic science pedigrees tell us. We have to dig deeper and seek the truth for ourselves.

A truly shocking example of this was when Bill Nye, the supposed “science guy,” insisted that transgenderism is an evolutionary fact, totally ignoring the actual scientific fact that gender is a biological binary trait, rather than a choice each person gets to make. This is the same guy who many of us grew up trusting as a reputable source of scientific information. The reality on the ground is that many scientists are available to the highest bidder and will spout any nonsense they are paid to regurgitate. That includes the catastrophic man-made global warming narrative.

While there are many sincere people out there who genuinely believe in global warming and think we’re headed down a path to annihilation, there are also people out there who have their own agendas – depopulation being one of them – for wanting us to believe the climate change narrative. Think about it: If all life is dependent on CO2 (and it is), then won’t reducing the levels of CO2 benefit those who believe we need to drastically reduce the number of people on this planet?

What we need to do is think about the whole thing logically. The fact is, without CO2 there would be no life on this planet; that is an indisputable fact. We all know that from studying the process of photosynthesis in school, and yet we happily throw that knowledge out the window when we vilify carbon dioxide in our minds. [Related: Read about how a top university stole millions from taxpayers by faking global warming research.]

Many sincere environmentalists are sipping on green smoothies as they urge others to “get involved,” sell their cars and walk or bike to work. What they need to stop and consider is this: Where did all the nutrients in that green smoothie come from?

As Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and founder/editor of Natural News explains: “Not only is carbon dioxide necessary for all plant respiration via photosynthesis, it’s also the key ingredient used by plants to synthesize nearly every medicinal molecule that’s loved by herbalists, natural medicine practitioners and even medical cannabis advocates.”

With 29 states legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana in recent years, it is obvious that people are waking up to the miraculous health benefits of this plant. Where did the cannabinoids and THC in marijuana – which are responsible for many of these health benefits – come from? Carbon dioxide, that’s where!

Without CO2 we simply could not survive. All those scientists and members of the mainstream media need to remember that fact when they spout all their doom and gloom stories about the “dangers” of CO2. This vital molecule is, in fact, the very stuff of life! [Related: Over 30,000 scientists insist that the catastrophic man-made global warming narrative is a lie.]

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